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JAGENIE Khaki Girls Students Backpack Gray Fashion Bags School Corduroy Rucksack Women Light rRqOrwPxp
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1. Adolf Hitler
2. Denigrating epithet used to compare the addressed to Adolf Hitler
3. Everyday German word meaning " guide" or "leader".
The Führer died in 1945

Teacher: Cheating will be mercylessly punished!
Pupil: Yes, w Personalized Coffee Genuine Lover Trim Leather Purse Hobo Front 8z8tqT!

3. Ich möchte einen Reiseführer kaufen. (I want to buy a tourist guide.)
by Duende July 09, 2005
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1. A German word meaning guide or leader that has fallen out of poularity since World War II.

2. A leader who is an insane monster who causes so much misery and suffering in the world.
Both George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler are prime examples of what a Führer is.
by jesster79 February 02, 2006
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1. An illness that is common in Eastern Germany- symptoms include hating on Jews, assaulting Handbag Bag Body Sacchi Italian Shoulder Hand Leather Strap Cross Dark Small Soft Made Brown Primo Adjustable O7nHwxq7 and suddenly befriending each and every Japanese person you meat. Informally known as the Adolflu, it is extremely dangerous and if one manages to survive a while they may experience stronger symptoms such as attacking the French, growing hate towards the English, and, under certain circumstances ( winter) also picking fights with Russian gangs. That is usually the last thing one will do before death.
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by MKpro January 11, 2018
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